Piemonte - Where Angels Travel

Italy - the country well known for football, good food and best dressed people. Besides that, they produce wonderful wine and the country comes up with the most spectacular landscapes.

I love to travel to Italy. Green hills and beautiful villages where ever your eyes go. It's an endless paradise where mother earth shows all it's beauty.

Hotel Review - Antico Borgo Monchiero

The hotel is located in Monchiero, which is very close to Barolo. It is wonderfully located up on a hill. You're driving along these villages and hills, and suddenly you see it up there, this old monastery where the monchs were living. And the sun reflects within the walls of the church next to the hotel.

Pictures by Nicole Huminski & myself

Monchiero Piemont

Orange stonewalls, yellow roofs and green grass all over the place.

Piemonte Hotel

The eye-watering view from the hotel room. On beginning of the horizon you can see the alps. And you you're sitting there, asking yourself: what a genius is god? how endlessly perfect is his mind?

Piemont view

Even the other villages are coming up with some really impressive castles, churches and much more!

trip piemont

piemont tipps


I grew up in a winecollector's family, I can't describe the love I feel for a good glass of wine.
The area around Barolo is very famous for the selection of wine growing there.

Winetasting Piemont

Before travelling to Piemont I have phoned up my aunt to advise where to go and what to taste.

Barolo Wine Piemont

And it was worth doing this. It is simply spectacular to feel the energy of such a place. The barrels are huge and up to 40 tonns heavy, that's impressive!

Barrel Piemont

I use to close my eyes when tasting a wine. In this very moment, everything else disappears. All around me is gone. It's just you and the glass. It's you and the hours and months of effort, it is you and the years of steel and wood barrel the wine has been in.

The barolo comes up with a bright spectrum of wonderful tastes and odours. Brilliant.

Winetasting Barolo

Must Seen Cities

Cherasco - City of the stars and famous for the delicous chocolate

Turin - The word is celtic and means 'mountains'. You will understand and feel why, when you're there.

Turin Mountain View
Barolo - The place where one of the best wines in the world is coming from. Plenty of wonderful restaurants and wine bars.

Barbaresco - A few years ago, I had the best wine in my life. A vintage Barbaresco, I hope I will find it again one day.

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