Driving The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Now and then the head of design decides to build an irrational car, but it's exactly the stuff men are made of! Jeep has recently introduced a SRT model of the Grand Cherokee. SRT is the tuning stall of Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep and simply stands for 'street and racing technology'.

Jeep Cherokee SRT

The naming used by SRT for its models are indicating the vehicle's engine type. The number that follows the "SRT" prefix defines the number of engine cylinders the vehicle has. In this case is a 6.4 litre V8 that produces 468bhp & 624 Nm torque.

To give you a little feeling what it means, I made a 0-100 Km/h video for you:

Of course, such a big car and powerful engine means a lot of weight. With it's 2,5 tons you would expect the Cherokee to be plump and shaky but it's absolutely not the case. It's definitely the fastest SUV I have been driving so far and I'm pleasantly surprised how agile and crisp it is.

On a beautiful winter's day we took the SRT and drove it up to Davos. We had an astonishing week-end I'll never forget... Driving it up the mountain pass with the infinite scenery of Switzerland and just endless power, is what our hearts are beating for! The fire-spitting V8 makes you turning off the radio, opening the windows, listen and smile.

Grand Cherokee SRT

SRT HEMI Enginge

After the mountain pass we made some stops to eat a typical meat and cheese plate with some cider and of course an ice cold beer.

Jeep Cherokee

Davos Mittagessen

davos aussicht

So let's talk about some technical details and interior...

Interior - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Of course you have a lot of room in such a big SUV. The rest is let's say typical for an American car, even though they have learned. Let me explain this a bit:

American car producers were mainly well-known for huge engines, serial killer cars and masculinity. After a while, they seem to have realised that it requires a bit more than that. The Grand Cherokee comes up with all sort of options like seat heating, adaptive cruise control and it even breaks for you in case you're not doing it early enough.

All those kinds of things are respectable but still the 'American groove' is somehow still recognisable. Why? Well it takes you some time to find all the options hidden somewhere in the board computer. Another funny detail is the 'Eco' button, I assume it should do something like reducing the consumption - but it doesn't do anything... not sure what exactly the button is for.

Jeep Cherokee SRT Interior

The SRT Engine

As explained: it's a 6.4 litre HEMI engine built by Chrysler. One of the specialities is the hemispherical combustion chamber (you can read more here). A thing I have to mention is the pretty high consumption. It's what you have to expect from such a huge and powerful engine. If you drive it like a decent citizen it consumes 17 litres / 100 km - which is a lot. Also the taxes and charges in Switzerland are quite high for this car.


Excited about my rating? There you go!

Daily Use
One of the biggest cars I drove so far. 4x4 and all the options you need. Might be a bit too big for the city and the consumption is really high.

At a price of 100'000 CHF with all options it's less expensive than a Porsche or Range Rover. Dependent what country you live, the maintenance could be pricey.

Appeal & Design
Super sexy SUV with a huge grill, I love the appeal and design

Oh hell! We had so much fun with this car. The V8 is pure amusement

Pretty high consumption, even if the 'Eco' button is on.

I've seen the SRT at the 'Man's World' exhibition for the first time and I wanted to drive it so much. It's one of the coolest SUV's on the market and just my type of car.